How Custom Made Pillows Reduce the Pain of Torticollis Torticollis, also known as wryneck, is a movement disorder that affects people at any age. It is also diagnosed in cats and dogs.  It produces a variety of abnormal head movements occur that result in a tilting of the neck or head. Uncontrollable muscle contractions produce motion from side to side or up and down. The condition may appear in an elderly person who has never experienced it before and youths who tote an uneven backpack several days a week. The neck pain is a response to muscle strain caused by bad posture or the lack of proper neck support during sleeping. A cold draft may produce a stiff neck in humans and their furry, four-legged friends. Acute torticollis is identified by rapidly developing symptoms. Pain is felt within a few hours or first thing in the morning. Muscles that support the neck are painful and stiff on one side. The result is a tipped or turned twisted neck frequently accompanied by muscle spasms. Pain may affect the shoulder, back of the head, and middle of the neck. It generally affects one side only and severely restricts motion in that area. Torticollis is itself a symptom of different conditions. Infections and trauma cause symptoms like muscle and bone stiffness and irritation. Custom made pillows may be the answer to alleviating or ending the pain caused by acute and temporary torticollis. It’s been noted that neck pain can result when using an unsuitable sleeping pillow. A poor sleeping position is another cause of neck problems. Use only one pillow. It should be neither too low nor too high, but just right for you. Custom made pillows discourage the habit of sleeping with your neck at an angle by providing the proper support to align the neck area. The relief provided by avoiding stress on neck muscles may be all that is needed to avoid the agony of torticollis again.

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