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Buy the Worlds ONLY 100% Certified Organic & Carbon Neutral Latex range of customised sleeping products Healthy for you and the Planet

Organic Latex Sleeping Products

Best Pillows for Neck Pain
Best Pillows
We offer a range of pillows to help you achieve a sound, comfortable night’s sleep and relieve neck pain. All our pillows are made from our 100% Certified Organic Latex.
Kids Sleeping Product
4 Kids
Whether they’re babies or toddlers, you’ll find a range of  organic latex products to help them learn how to sleep and protect them from airborne allergies.
Mattress Toppers
Mattress Toppers
Protect yourself from the millions of bacteria and allergies in your mattress with a Sleep Made to Measure™ certified organic latex Mattress Topper.
No matter your weight, your size or your bed type we have the perfect 100% Certified Organic latex Mattress for you.
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