Mattress Toppers – Organic Latex

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The organic latex mattress topper is an innovative way of turning your current mattress into a healthy one.

Non Toxic
Chemical Free
Allergy Resistant
Bacteria Resistant
Dust Mite proof
Certified Organic Latex
Carbon Neutral latex
Organic Cotton Cover
Good Ventilation
No petroleum foams
Naturally healthy
Fully compostable
Built for comfort

You might be surprised to learn that one out of every three people have an allergy of some type or experience an allergic reaction daily.. Allergens and dust are present in every home, leading to sniffling, sneezing and stuffed heads.

We recognized the need for a product range that fights allergic reactions and symptoms. Our innovative new organic latex mattress topper is a proven allergy barrier that can help to prevent swollen sinuses, runny nose and watery eyes that are related to an allergy to mattresses or other bedding.

It is easy to use and provides a comfortable rest. Without replacing the mattress or effecting the feel and style of your existing mattress.

Organic Product

100% Certified Organic

All of our products are 100% certified organic, GOTS and GOLS certified, and 100% chemical-free, as well as being naturally well ventilated and allergy friendly.

Good for You

Our 100% certified organic latex is naturally antibacterial & antifungal, dust-mite proof, and will help protect you from your any harmful chemicals in your mattress.

Customise to your Preferences

Select not only the right size for your mattress topper, but your preferred depth and density, depending on whether you like to sleep on something hard or soft.

good for world

Good for the World

Your mattress topper mat is 100% biodegradable, compostible at end of life, and carbon neutral, and is made in our socially responsible factory in Sri Lanka.

Protect your family from any harmful chemicals in your mattresses

Simply place our 100% certified organic latex mattress cover on top of your bed’s mattress to help prevent any harmful chemicals found in most mattresses being breathed in by you or your family.

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Its amazing how your simple idea of an allergy barrier has really works for me! I now longer wake up with blocked sinuses.


Customised to your Preferences

Select the density and depth that will work best from how you and your family like to sleep, regardless of whether you like a firm mattress, soft mattress, or something in between.

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I purchased this mattress topper in order to use it on my trip to Alaska this year. I used it on top of the beds on the cruise ship and it did a wonderful job of helping to alleviate my allergies. I will never travel without it again.

Jenna Wright

Made by Health Experts

Our range of products have been created by qualified osteopath and chiropractor, Dr Andrew Macfarlane DO DC, and are purpose built for health, comfort and spinal / muscular support.

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This mattress is so soft and just glorious to touch, no wonder why she’s sleeping soundly!

Terese Hogarth

9 reviews for Mattress Toppers – Organic Latex

  1. Avatar


    I loved that fact you can easily take it off and air it
    I would suggest that the outer cover could be a bit thicker

  2. Avatar


    Great idea it has really helped my dust mite allergies in bed
    I hardly sneeze in bed anymore

  3. Avatar


    Its amazing how your simple idea of a allergy barrier has really work for me! I now longer wake up with block sinues

  4. Avatar

    Kevin Hardy

    great product! sleeping soundly knowing I’m protected from dust mites.

  5. Avatar

    Jasmine Braddock

    fits perfectly over my old mattress!

  6. Avatar


    No more sneezing all night Thanks

  7. Avatar


    This topper has made a huge improvement to the comfort of our old bed

  8. Avatar

    Jenna Wright.

    I purchased this mattress topper in order to use it on my trip to Alaska this year. I used it on top of the beds on the cruise ship and it did a wonderful job of helping to alleviate my allergies. I will never travel without it again.

  9. Avatar

    Thomas Blackwater

    I’ve been living by myself for quite a while and since my divorce, I couldn’t find a proper comfortable mattress. I had been buying those Cheapo Depot things that aren’t very comfortable. Believe it or not my ex recommended sleep made-to-measure. I found a wonderful mattress topper that was nice and thick, so it is very comfortable to lay on. It has straps on it, so it will stay in place. Being made of organic latex it is not only tough, but it is also easy to clean. That is one of the things I was looking for.

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100% Chemical Free Guarantee

Many sleeping brands state that their products are ‘natural’ But guess what, so it petrol!
There is a difference between ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, and if you are looking for chemical-free, organic is the only way to go.
Not only that, but other brands that state they are ‘organic’ are often only referring to one small element of their overall product.

With Sleep Made to Measure, we guarantee that all of our products are
100% organic and chemical free so you can rest easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy latex over other materials for my sleeping products?

Latex is an ideal product for pillows as, not only does it naturally hold it’s shape significantly longer than memory foam and other petrochemical-based alternatives, it is also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, allergy friendly and naturally very well ventilated.

Using latex means you get a more comfortable sleep, with very little chance of any irritation or breathing difficulties caused by dust, allergens or chemicals.

I've seen other products that say they are 'natural'. Is this the same as being 'organic', and if not, what's the difference?

Certainly not.

Natural can really mean anything – after all, gas and oil comes from the ground!

If you’re looking for chemical or toxin free, you really do need to look for organic.

I've seen comparable products that are marketed as organic but don't seem to be GOTS or GOLS certified. What does this mean?

Sadly there is little international control on the use of the word organic

Being GOTS and GOLS certified means that the entire product is 100% certified organic, ie there is nothing else hidden in that ingredient or materials list.

Some products mark themselves as organic even when only part of the overall product is actually organic.

Easy to check just ask for any manufactures current ( as they are issued annually) certification form Control Union.

I have an unusual sized mattress can I customize my topper ?

Yes simple email us at with your requirements

What Does Carbon Neutral Latex Mean?

We are very proud of the fact after years of improving our our manufacturing process we are the world only carbon neutral latex manufacture.

This means our organic latex  is manufacture using the best possible environmental and energy efficient process so that it has No carbon foot print on leaving our factory.

Our way of helping you care for our planet for you and you children.

What Does it Mean That You Have a GOLS Certification?

GOLS is an acronym that stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. It meets the annual industry standard that was set by Control Union the world standard for certification and it is certified 100% organic.

In fact, we are the world’s first organic latex manufacturer and producer. That means each of our latex products utilize this material.

See our history and current certifications on our Our story page .

What is Latex?

Latex is a natural occurring spam that is found in the bonus Lucius trees. This is a natural barrier that is formed, that protects the tree form both fungus and bacteria

. It isn’t a sap but is considered a spam that is milky white and it is found in the layers of the bark.

What is Organic Latex?

When you see 100% certified organic latex on the label, that means that both the trees and the plantation where our latex is grown is done without chemicals or fertilizers of any kind. That means everything is chemical free.

This also means we don’t pollute the environment at all.

Have another question? Get in touch and we'd be happy to answer it!