Bassinet Mattress – Organic Latex

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Give your baby a healthy comfortable and supportive start to sleeping with a chemical free and 100% organic latex mattress

Measurements: 40 cm x 80 cm x 5 cm 

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Non Toxic
Chemical Free
Allergy Resistant
Bacteria Resistant
Dust Mite proof
Certified Organic Latex
Carbon Neutral latex
Organic Cotton Cover
Good Ventilation
No petroleum foams
Naturally healthy
Fully compostable

Most newborn babies sleep for 16-20 hours in a 24-hour period.

That’s a whole lot of time in their bed!

Most baby mattresses (bassinet and cot mattresses, playmats, and change mats) are made of petrochemical-based foams, meaning your baby is breathing in the same toxic fumes that you’d find in cars, all that time they’re resting.

Research conducted on people living near petrochemical industrial estates found that this had acute adverse health effects, including shortness of breath, eye irritation, dizziness, coughs, nose congestion, and even weakness from exposure to industrial air pollutants.

A non-toxic and organic bassinet mattress is imperative to protecting your newborn. This is not something that anyone should compromise.

Sleep Made to Measure offers you our Bassinet Mattress – Organic latex — designed with two layers of our certified organic latex, ensuring that your baby gets the correct support helping them sleep more comfortably and for longer.

If you’re comparing our bassinet mattress with other ‘natural’ products, a word of warning.

Sadly, there is no regulation about using or calling something natural (and after all – petroleum is from the Earth.. therefore – is it natural??). If you wish to compare our products to others that are at the same level of certification, you must look for brands that are 100% certified organic (and certified by GOTS and GOLS).

Sleep Made to Measure offer the only 100% Certified Organic Latex baby mattresses in the world.

Measurements: 40 cm x 80 cm x 5 cm 

Organic Product

100% Certified Organic

All of our products are 100% certified organic, GOTS and GOLS certified, and 100% chemical-free, as well as being naturally well ventilated and allergy friendly.

Natural Mattress

Naturally Hypogenic

Your baby's sensitive skin is very unlikely to experience any allergies or discomfort from our naturally hypogenic Latex.

good for world

Good for the World

Your bassinet mattress is 100% biodegradable, compostible at end of life, and carbon neutral, and is made in our socially responsible factory in Sri Lanka.


You can easily cut the mattress to perfectly fit your specific bassinet, or even request a quote to have a custom size made for your specific bassinet.

Cut to Size

Every bassinet is slightly different, and as such, we’ve built our bassinet mattress to be able to be quickly and easily customised. Simply take the cover off the bassinet mattress, lay it in the bassinet, cut to size and replace the cover. Simple!

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I have twin girls and neither of them wanted to sleep in their bassinets. These days you don’t get very good mattresses in the bassinets that you buy. I went through 2 different brands in less than a month. I ordered two of these and the girls sleep like a dream. Thank you so much!

Monica White

Chemical-free Bassinet Mattress

Most newborns sleep a lot – typically up to 17 hours a day. Most bassinet mattresses are made from blocks of petrochemical based foams – meaning that your baby is breathing in chemicals every time they’re in bed. These chemicals can cause allergies and potentially other health concerns that we don’t yet know about.

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Loved the service and the quality of the mattress – Also loved that we could cut down to exact size of the bassinet & that no nasties were used to produce this mattress. Perfect. Thanks guys.


Made by Health Experts

Our range of products have been created by qualified osteopath and chiropractor, Dr Andrew Macfarlane DO DC, and are purpose built for health, comfort and spinal / muscular support.

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This mattress is so soft and just glorious to touch, no wonder why she’s sleeping soundly!

Terese Hogarth

10 reviews for Bassinet Mattress – Organic Latex

  1. Avatar


    I love the fact that I can give my new born son a good sleeping start without exposing him to chemicals

  2. Avatar

    Tony S

    Thank-you, it has been received and is very soft and lovely, regards

  3. Avatar


    My daughter loves sleeping in her bassinet Thanks

  4. Avatar

    Oria Breda

    It’s lovely to know that my little baby boy is safe from chemicals.

  5. Avatar

    Terese Hogarth

    This mattress is so soft and just glorious to touch, no wonder why she’s sleeping soundly!

  6. Avatar


    Loved the service and the quality of the mattress – Also loved that we could cut down to exact size of the bassinet & that no nasties were used to produce this mattress. Perfect. Thanks guys.

  7. Avatar

    Mary H

    Fantastic product and my son seems to love sleeping on it

  8. Avatar

    Monica White

    I have twin girls and neither of them wanted to sleep in their bassinets. These days you don’t get very good mattresses in the bassinets that you buy. I went through 2 different brands in less than a month. I ordered two of these and the girls sleep like a dream. Thank you so much!

  9. Avatar

    Noel Richardson

    The service was incredible. I had questions about the product and they were all answered by the nicest woman. She answered all of my questions and was so wonderful about it. She even placed the order for me! When the mattress arrived I was so impressed. Thank you!

  10. Avatar

    Kim Johnston

    I’m so happy to have found a safer way for my baby to sleep. Thank you so much!

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100% Chemical Free Guarantee

Many sleeping brands state that their products are ‘natural’ But guess what, so it petrol!
There is a difference between ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, and if you are looking for chemical-free, organic is the only way to go.
Not only that, but other brands that state they are ‘organic’ are often only referring to one small element of their overall product.

With Sleep Made to Measure, we guarantee that all of our products are
100% organic and chemical free so you can rest easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy latex over other materials for my sleeping products?

Latex is an ideal product for mattresses as, not only does it naturally hold it’s shape significantly longer than memory foam and other petrochemical-based alternatives, it is also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, allergy friendly and naturally very well ventilated.

Using latex means your baby gets a more comfortable sleep, with very little chance of any irritation or breathing difficulties caused by dust, allergens and is totally chemical free, the perfect start for your baby.

It will also remain comfortable and supportive for much longer than alternative mattresses, and will be much more comfortable overall for your baby to fall asleep on.

I've seen other products that say they are 'natural'. Is this the same as being 'organic', and if not, what's the difference?

Certainly not.

Natural latex actually means it is a mixture of latex and petrochemical based foams

Organic latex as long as it is certified, gives you and you family certainty that is the healthiest  sleep option for you family and the planet.

I've seen comparable products that are marketed as organic but don't seem to be GOTS or GOLS certified. What does this mean?

Sadly there is little international control on the use of the word organic

Being GOTS and GOLS certified means that the entire product is 100% certified organic, ie there is nothing else hidden in that ingredient or materials list.

Some products mark themselves as organic even when only part of the overall product is actually organic.

Easy to check just ask for any manufactures current ( as they are issued annually) certification form Control Union.

I have an unusual sized bassinet; can I customize my bassinet mattress to suit?

Yes, you can customise the width and depth of your mattress, however you cannot customise the height.

If your bassinet has rounded corners, you can also cut your bassinet to size with a pair of scissors if needed.

Can I wash the outer cover of the Bassinet Mattress?

Yes, the outer cover is made of cotton and is gentle machine washable and dry flat away from direct sunlight.

How do I clean the Bassinet Mattress?

You can spot clean your Bassinet Mattress using a mild soap (not bleach), then rinse the area with clean, cold water and press between towels to remove any excess water.

Dry away from direct heat or sunlight and make sure there is good ventilation to help with the drying process.

My baby / I suffer from allergies. Is this product good for us?

Our latex bassinet mattress (and all products) are naturally resident to fungi and bacteria. Dust mites that often cause allergies also cannot live within the cells of our latex. This means that our products, including the change mat, are ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

My baby / I have latex allergies. Can we use this product?

Your bassinet mattress does contain the protein elements that could potentially come from latex. While a lot of the allergy is based on powdered latex, it is still a possibility you can have an allergic reaction to our products. To err on the side of caution, we do not recommend anyone with a known latex allergy use any of our products.

What Does Carbon Neutral Latex Mean?

We are very proud of the fact after years of improving our our manufacturing process we are the world only carbon neutral latex manufacture.

This means our organic latex  is manufacture using the best possible environmental and energy efficient process so that it has No carbon foot print on leaving our factory.

Our way of helping you care for our planet for you and you children.

What Does it Mean That You Have a GOLS Certification?

GOLS is an acronym that stands for Global Organic Latex Standard. It meets the annual industry standard that was set by Control Union the world standard for certification and it is certified 100% organic.

In fact, we are the world’s first organic latex manufacturer and producer. That means each of our latex products utilize this material.

See our history and current certifications on our Our story page .

What is Latex?

Latex is a natural occurring spam ( sap ) that is found in the bonus Lucius trees. This is a natural barrier that is formed, that protects the tree form both fungus and bacteria. It isn’t a sap but is considered a spam that is milky white and it is found in the layers of the bark.

What is Organic Latex?

When you see 100% certified organic latex on the label, that means that both the trees and the plantation where our latex is grown is done without chemicals or fertilizers of any kind. That means everything is chemical free.

This also means we don’t pollute the environment at all.

Have another question? Get in touch and we'd be happy to answer it!

Customise your Mattress

Get a quote to have your mattress customised to suit your specific Bassinet Mattress.

We’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a final quote and link to complete your purchase.