Mattress Toppers (Allergy Barriers)

Allergies can be a big problem within any home, and if you don’t have the right bedding, your bedroom can become a place where it is hard to breathe, let alone get a good night’s sleep. Dust particles and tiny pieces of debris can cause clogged sinuses, sneezing, sore and runny eyes, and difficulties with breathing. Choosing to use organic latex pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers is the most effective way to reduce allergens in your bedroom, allowing for a healthful and comfortable environment. We offer two mattress topper designs, both of which can help to eliminate problems with dust and dust mites. They’re 100% organic, and made using hypoallergenic organic latex.

Allergy Barrier, allergy topper

Keep safe from dust mites and nasty allergens with our 100% certified organic latex mattress toppers

With straps integrated into the design, our latex mattress toppers can provide you with additional comfort, while reducing dust under your sheets. These toppers are a completely original design, and are manufactured using organic latex that won’t cause allergies or other unwanted reactions. This makes them safe for all of the family, including children and babies. Because of the structure of latex, it is near impossible for dust mites to form colonies within this type of bedding. With regular washing, you can eliminate all of the adverse reactions that you would experience with traditional synthetic mattress toppers.

Using the same materials and design as our popular strapped mattress topper, this option gives you the flexibility of going strapless, which can be beneficial if you have an oversized mattress. As with all of our latex products, the organic material used in this mattress topper will eliminate dust mite problems, while providing a cool sleeping surface without chemical irritants. We only use certified 100% organic latex, which is developed from a natural and sustainable plant source. This allows for a healthier sleeping surface that is aligned with modern lifestyle choices in mind. An environmentally friendly option, these mattress toppers are great for any family that wants the best in safe, clean, dust free, and sustainable living.

Both of our mattress topper options are made from organic materials sourced from socially responsible plantations. Our products display anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and they’re the best choice for allergy sufferers, or anyone that wants a cleaner bedroom, without relying on synthetics and chemical products.