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Pillows Made to Measure is a world first in being able to offer you a pillow that suits your individual sleeping needs plus the unique health benefits of our 100% Certified Organic Latex. In fact it is the only pillow in the world that you need to be measured for before you can buy one. We know because we own the patents on it!.

Pillows for Neck Pain

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The cream of the crop, this is one of our best pillows and ‘best sellers’ not just in the USA but all over the world. Our contour pillows are custom made to suite your individual sleeping requirements. Each contour pillow is manufactured by taking into consideration your individual NCI neck compression index). Your measurements are taken using our internationally patented measuring system then reviewed by a qualified doctor to ensure the pillow is constructed in such a way that it is ideal for your build and sleeping habits.

Now you can travel with your perfect pillow. Like the Pillow Made to Measure – Contour, this pillow is also customized to your build and sleeping habits and tucks away nicely into your suitcase so you can still get all the health benefits and the comfort that a truly customized pillow offers whilst your away from home.

One of the most fundamental aspects of any kid’s health is a sound sleeping habit as they need to develop these habits from a very early age. Once bad habits develop they can be very hard to break as they get older.

So our Pillow Made to Measure- 4 Kids is designed to support your kid from the cot into their first full sized bed and help maintain correct sleeping habits.

We vary the size, density and softness of our pillows to match their Age, Weight, Height, Sleeping position plus their Bed details to get the perfect pillow for them at their age and stage of physical development.

For a perfect night’s sleep, this Deluxe fluffed Latex pillow is the first choice among a majority of residences the world over as it offers a great night’s sleep that is desired by all. This special pillow is made from unique Latex down that constitutes 100% organic Latex sourced from the best rubber plantations in Sri Lanka and has great health benefits. Such organic pillows are naturally anti-allergic since it is manufactured from authentic 100% organic quality latex and therefore they are the best pillows globally.

This Classic Designed Organic Latex Elliptical Pillow is created for individuals who have a preference for the classic elliptical wedge shape and at the same time look for the health benefits of a 100% Organic Latex pillow that is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal. Our Organic pillows are also manufactured with the best environmentally credentials and are manufactured in the world’s only carbon neutral manufacture process so our latex is better for you and the planet, therefore they are the best pillows. You can use it on either side and this organic pillow is available in 3 different sizes.

Enjoy a perfect night’s sleep through a great sleeping posture by using our Sleeping Support Pillows that is extremely flexible and which we have exclusively brought for you online at the best offer price. Since they are made from 100% Organic Latex, these organic pillows help maintain great sleeping habit for kids as well as adults and you benefit in the long run by having a healthy body and healthy mind. It can be used to add support for your shoulders, knees or lower back as you hug one of them while you sleep.