For Kids

Rest assured that your kid is safe from dust mites and allergens.

Keeping your kid safe from allergens and dust mites is important, which means you need to choose the right pillows and mattress for your kid. At Pillows Made to Measure we make products made out 100% certified organic latex. This material is not only naturally hypoallergenic, it’s also dust mite resistant, antibacterial, and antifungal. When you want safe, trustworthy products for your kids, you can be sure our custom pillows and organic latex cot mattress options are a healthy choice..

Rest assured that your kid is safe from dust mites and allergens.

Make sure your baby changing mat is healthy and free from dust mites, allergens, and unwanted chemicals. Our change mat is made with organic latex, ensuring your baby’s health and comfort. You won’t need to worry about the allergens and chemicals often present in many types of foam.

Pillows Made to Measure offers bassinet mattresses designed with two layers of our certified organic latex, ensuring that your baby’s delicate, soft frame is perfectly supported. Placing your baby on sleeping products that are chemical based can pose health risks, since your baby’s immune system isn’t strong. With our mattresses, you can be sure your baby is comfortable while avoiding any exposure to chemicals.

This special is made with a new baby’s posture and sleeping habits in mind. It covers the entire baby bed and you can tuck it under the baby mattress to ensure it doesn’t move or slip while your baby sleeps. Since it’s made of organic latex, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your baby is sleeping on a pillow that is anti-allergenic, anti-fungal, and antibacterial. Not only is it safe and healthy, it offers the support a new baby needs so he sleeps well at night.sleep.

One of the most fundamental aspects of any kid’s health is a sound sleeping habit as they need to develop these habits from a very early age. Once bad habits develop they can be very hard to break as they get older.

So our Pillow Made to Measure- 4 Kids is designed to support your kid from the cot into their first full sized bed and help maintain correct sleeping habits.

We vary the size, density and softness of our pillows to match their Age, Weight, Height, Sleeping position plus their Bed details to get the perfect pillow for them at their age and stage of physical development.

When your baby is playing and moving around the floor, the main concern is about the germs or allergens that he / she might pick up or inhale. It is especially for them we have brought our best-selling product called ‘Playmat Allergy Barrier’ which is perfect for your babies who on their tummies while on the floor. Since this too is developed and produced from 100% Organic Latex which is natural latex your baby is safe. No artificial products such as foam is used in the manufacture of these mattress toppers, cot mattresses and playmats, ensuring the best health for your kids as well as the best support while your kid is asleep.

Keeping your baby comfortable when he moves around and plays on the floor is important, and a big concern about your baby on the floor is the possibility of inhaling allergens from the flooring. We offer the Playmat Allergy Barrier, specifically designed for a baby’s tummy time. Made from organic latex, it keeps your baby safe and you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals or artificial products in this allergy barrier.

The shape of our high quality Sleeping Support Pillows are slightly round or oval to provide that extra support and great sleeping posture for your kid while he / she is lying down on the cot or in their first bed. We have ensured exceptional manufacturing quality for our support pillows and since it is made from  100% organic latex, its health benefits are known to all. It is one of our unique pillows for kids to help them learn the habit of good sleeping and correct sleeping, so they can wake up refreshed and learn how to appreciate good sleeping habits.