Neck and Shoulder Headaches

Have you ever woken up to neck and shoulder pains accompanied by a headache after sleeping in an awkward position during the night?Poor neck posture while moving the neck and holding it in one position for long periods of time cause neck and shoulder pains in the morning. During sleep, your head may fall into a position that strains the neck muscles causing it to become tender and sore by morning.Sore neck and shoulders occur along with painful headaches, this pain can be described as the feeling of a band tightening around the head or the feeling of pressure around the head or at the sides of the head. Due to poor positioning of the head, the tender spots in the muscles or the connective tissues become sore and painful when touched.This pain experienced in the morning is a condition that can be associated to bad positions while sleeping, especially if the pillow is unable to support your head properly. Having a good pillow that can support your head and promote the proper and natural alignment of your head with the spine is crucial to give you a quality night’s sleep. By having a custom made organic pillow just for you, you’re rest assured that your body posture is well taken care of.Every person is unique and as such, the right positioning of the head vary from person to person due to the differences in the bone structure. The right custom made organic pillow should be able to give you the best support for your head while supporting the neck.Majority of quality pillows sold in the market nowadays, may last for about 3-5 years before you need to change. But, the problem lies in the internal supportive materials of these pillows. In time, the material used for the pillow breaks down. Pillows made from foam, memory foam, rubber, latex, feather or any other synthetic materials all disintegrate with use. If you’re constantly having neck and shoulder pains along with headaches especially in the morning, it may be the time to go and find a new pillow that can support your head and neck properly. Only a custom made organic pillow can provide with the proper support and flexibility that you need!

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