Muscular Injuries in the Cervical Spine

A faulty position while sleeping can be the cause of muscular injuries in the cervical spine (neck) area.  

Being in a prolonged state of poor posture can lead to damages that are more permanent. The cervical spine is very fragile and delicate; it is a very crucial area since it houses the spinal cord that connects the brain to all other aspects of the body.

It is also very strong and flexible, which allows movement in all directions. At the same time, this makes it also susceptible to strains and injuries due to poor postures and accidents.The cervical spine (neck) begins from the base of the head and connects through the upper back area.

With this intricate and complex design, it faces the brunt of the most stress even from the normal daily activities, making it at a risk of developing painful conditions.

Some of the most common muscular injuries in the cervical lead to injuries like a strain or a sprain.

A strain refers to soft-tissue injuries resulting when a muscle-tendon becomes overloaded and stretched causing a tear. A sprain, on the other hand, refers to a ligamentous injury, where the ligaments that connect other facet joints become damaged and injured.

In order to prevent muscle strains or sprains in the cervical spine (neck) area, maintaining a good posture while sleeping is essential to prevent the neck from getting all the stress due to faulty positions.

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