When a Mattress Topper Becomes More Than a Mattress Topper

Organic latex mattress toppers help to protect your mattress, and they  also help to protect you, by acting as a barrier between you and any dust mites that may well have set up camp in your mattress. Even the most fastidious home cleaner cannot guarantee a mite-free bedroom. The advantage of having an organic latex mattress topper is the fact that it is easy to ensure that you dont’ have dust mites roaming around your bedding.
Sleep Made to Measure mattress toppers take the concept of mattress toppers to an entirely new level. This is because they are made from organically produced all-natural latex, which, as you might expect, is 100% impenetrable for dust mites. In other words, they may be able to hide away under the mattress cover, but they will no longer be sharing your bed with you Pure organic  latex mattress toppers from Sleep Made to Measure are also super-easy to clean, and being roughly 25mm thick, they also add extra comfort to your bed. Last, but not least, is the fact that you can use them for other purposes as well. I have a spare one in my home cinema room which I use as a sort of lightweight mattress for my kids to lie on while they are watching movies. In fact, I have recently even been contemplating hanging a few on the walls in my home theater to improve acoustics, but I am not sure if they would really help. Oh, and my daughter uses one as an extra large yoga mat in her room. Who said a mattress topper can only ever be a mattress topper? I have also ordered organic latex pillows recently, along with an organic latex baby play mat, and I am equally as thrilled with them. If you’re in Canada or Singapore, now we can help you to find your own peace of mind and comfort there as well.
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