Know Your Pillow

Custom Pillow Factors
Again, there are some good basic rules when it comes to choosing a pillow.

It’s a simple fact that when a pillow is more than 2 to 3 years old, it’s time for a new one. Thanks to a loss of support and skin cell and fluid build up, you can guarantee it’s not the pillow it once was! Try this simple test to see if your pillow is supporting you correctly:

If you are a side sleeper, lie on your side and fold your arms across your chest.

Your pillow should support the height of your shoulders so that your head and neck are held in a straight line. Simple as that.

If your head is up or down it’s time for a new one. No argument. The question is, what kind of pillows chiropractors do recommend and where do you find them?

If you are a back sleeper, with the habit of sleeping with your arms either above your head or under your pillow, then that’s an indication that the pillow is not offering your head enough support and that you are subconsciously compensating.

Again, it’s time for a new pillow. Choosing pillows that chiropractors recommend is in your best interest.

Remember you rest your most precious commodity on your pillow every night for 6 hours or more, so you should invest in one of the best pillows you can afford.

I’ve noticed in the 30 years I’ve worked with patients suffering from chronic neck, shoulder or allergy issues, that it is the change of pillow that has offered the most dramatic improvement. It’s no surprise that after years of talking to patients I have found that a pillow needs to provide a combination of both comfort and support.

Pillow Positions

How can mass produced pillows satisfy an individual’s  special requirements? Especially when my research shows that there are 4 distinct needs that must be met for a pillow to be workable for their body.

Pillows can be any combination of materials from cotton, feather, foams, water, gel, memory foam or latex. Most pillows can cost anywhere from $20 to over $300 but if they do not match your specific needs as well as your bed, they are worthless.

Why spend $3000 or more on a mattress, not to mention hours trying to figuring out which one to buy, and then only spend $20 on a pillow and expect the whole system to work?

One of the most common lines I hear in my practice is: “Over the years I’ve spent a fortune on pillows and have a room full of them, but none work!”

That’s why I developed Pillows Made to Measure™. These are the pillows chiropractors recommend.

A guaranteed solution to a very common and frustrating problem.

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