The Importance of Good Sleep for Babies

baby-1151345__340Babies require a lot of sleep. In fact, when they’re in the womb, they spend 16-20 hours each day sleeping. Much of that time is spent in REM sleep, and later, newborns spend approximately 50% of their time in REM sleep. Once your baby arrives, making sure he gets enough sleep is important, and an organic baby bassinette mattress can offer your baby a comfortable, safe place to sleep.

REM Sleep Offers a Brain Workout

Sleep is important in babies because that REM sleep offers a brain workout that offers a lot more stimulation that parents can provide with sensory stimulation. The first couple years of a child’s life are a time of important, fast neural development, and the REM sleep is essential to the proper development of a baby, while non-REM sleep offers the baby’s body rejuvenation and relaxation, which is also essential for proper development.

What Happens When Your Baby Doesn’t Get Enough Sleep?

If your baby doesn’t get the sleep he needs, research shows that shortened sleep duration or fragmented sleep in young children is associated with impaired neurological development, hyperactivity, and lower cognitive performance. When babies and toddlers get enough sleep, they awaken cheerful, well-rested, and better able to cope. Of course, as parents, we try to make sure that our babies get enough sleep.

The Importance of a Good Mattress

Ensuring babies get plenty of REM and non-REM sleep is essential, and one of the best things parents can do to encourage good sleeping habits is to ensure babies a quality mattress. Comfort is important, but it’s also important to ensure a baby’s mattress is free from chemicals that may increase childhood disorders. For this reason, an organic latex baby mattress Australia is an excellent choice since it’s free from dangerous chemicals and offers the comfort a baby needs for the sleep he requires. Too, when your baby is ready, it’s a great idea to start them off with an organic latex pillow for baby’s first pillow.

Baby Bundles

The 100% organic baby bundles allow your baby to start a chemical free life away from petroleum-based products and their harmful chemical foam recipes. Our playmats, both large and small, bassinet and cot mattresses, baby changing mat, and baby’s first pillow are 100% organic by nature and are earth friendly when no longer needed.




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