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Practitioner Forms

When you choose to work with Sleep Made to Measure, there are a few things that you’ll need to know.  Among those items that may be necessary are some basic forms that are used by physicians, physical therapists, and other healthcare practitioners.

In many cases,  items such as pillows, mattresses, and mattress toppers can be deemed durable medical equipment. This means that it is possible that some insurance companies will pay –at least in part, for the Sleep Made to Measure items that you recommend for your patients.

To achieve that durable medical equipment, most insurance companies require that you make the recommendation to the patient and order the pillows by means of a prescription form. You can also request from many insurance companies a pre-approval to ensure that the patient can be compensated in part for the pillows or mattresses.

Patients who are most likely to be eligible for their pillows or mattress toppers to be covered by insurance include those who:

Suffer from allergic reactions

Suffer from COPD

Have other respiratory problems

Suffer from neck or spinal injury

Suffer from Back pain or back injury

In order to accomplish this you will need:

A written request or prescription from a health care provider

A durable medical equipment request to send to your insurance company for a pre authorization. These forms may look like this:

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