Getting Away from the Toxic Petroleum Based Pillows: Safe Sleep for Young Children

Your home is supposed to be a haven for your child, even when sleeping. Being extremely important for their proper growth and healthy development, young children will spend much time sleeping. If providing a safe environment for your children is important for you, start with safe sleep.

Having a safe and nurturing nursery or bedroom could be on the top of your list as must-haves, even before the baby comes. You may have outdone yourself building and furnishing their space, but have you made sure that the thing closest to their face – their  mattress  or pillow – isn’t a source of toxic chemicals?

The Pillows That Petroleum-based Products Make

Not all mattress toppers or pillows are created the same way. Considering the demand for cheap and fire-resistant mattresses and pillows, be careful of the kind that floods the market – pillows made using petroleum-based products. The materials being used in these pillows, such as polyurethane, are not chemically stable. They emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that your child can inhale as they fall into deep slumber. They can make your child ill, with continued use and exposure. There are health consequences for using  these products.

The risk is particularly higher because the concentration the chemicals are magnified with the nearness of your child’s airway to the pillow source. The danger to your sleeping child is for real – research and personal accounts are now revealing that with petroleum-based pillows, your child’s dreamland expeditions aren’t as healthy as a sleep should be. This is particularly true if the mattresses or other items are treated to make them flame retardant.

The “Natural” Alternative

The fact that your child needs a good daily dose of sleep doesn’t change. To send them off safely to the ZZZZ-land, though, you need to eradicate those petroleum pillows, which could be potential sources of discomfort and ailments. Switching to healthy pillows, such as those made with natural latex, is the soundest decision you can do to bring back the greatest benefits of sleep.

Using natural latex pillows isn’t only good in reducing your carbon footprint compared to the petroleum pillows that are obviously dependent on fossil-based fuels. It can also be the most reasonably priced alternative you can provide to your little one for a safe daytime nap or deep-night sleep.

Off to the Dreamland with Safe, Natural Latex Pillows

To ensure you will be getting pillows that are 100% natural organic latex, buy only from a trustworthy source. You have the power to choose – use it well. Remember, safe sleep is vital to your child’s health and development. Protect your child from getting sick due to the off-gassed fumes from petroleum-based pillows. Switch to natural latex pillows – the single, best move to send your little one to healthy and safe sleep.

Organic Baby Change Mat

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