Clavicle Injuries

Injuries in the clavicle area or most commonly known as the collarbone are often caused by falling onto a shoulder or receiving a strong blow against the collarbone. This clavicle is the bone that connects the breastbone to both shoulders and helps connect the arm to the rest of the body.Most commonly, a trauma caused by sports or accidents are some of the major causes of injuries that affect the clavicle. Having a hard fall or strong collisions can lead to clavicle injuries that can affect the day-to-day life of the person. If the stress received from the collision or the fall is too great, the collarbone can break. Broken collarbones are just some of the most common injuries that kids and teens who practice sports encounter.When the clavicle area is injured the effects would include a sharp pain in the shoulder area causing the inability to lift the arm properly, a sagging of the affected shoulder forward or downward, a noticeable bruising or swelling over the collarbone causing a bump over the broken area.Aside from receiving hard collisions and a fall, having poor posture can cause pain to erupt in the collarbone, it is also one of the main causes of joint damage. Poor posture moves bones out of alignment, allows cartilage to break down faster and shortens the muscles. Being in a state of poor posture for prolonged periods can cause a long-term to permanent damage to the clavicle.The key to preventing injuries especially in the shoulder also lies in having a good posture, especially during sleep. Having a good organic latex pillow to aid and support you while sleeping is crucial to the overall health of your shoulder. Don’t just settle for just any kind of pillow, having a custom-made organic latex pillow while sleeping will help aid the healing process of the body and move it faster.

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