Essential Oils that Promote Restful Sleep

In a busy world, we’ve all experienced nights when sleep just doesn’t come easily. Whether it’s work, kids, school, or a combination of all, sometimes you just can’t get to sleep. The most comfortable pillow and mattress in the world can help, but if your mind won’t shut down, you can’t sleep. There are many […]

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Forming Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep is vital for our health. It is a process that restores both body and mind. Sleep enables us to function optimally so that we get through each day. When adults do not get enough sleep, they get irritable and inefficient. What happens if children do not get the amount of sleep that they need? […]

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Tips for Selecting a Good Mattress

Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress When you spend nearly 42 hours per week in the same location, it is safe to say you should choose that location very carefully! You will spend approximately on third of your life in your bedroom sleeping on a mattress, which means selecting a mattress is a serious matter. […]

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Get to Sleep Faster and Enjoy it More

Are you enjoying healthy sleep or struggling with sleeplessness every night? What you do during the day, particularly in the hours right before bed can have an impact on your sleep quality. Quality of sleep can be significantly impacted by several things, not the least of which are medications, your daily schedule, your pillow, your […]

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What Happens When You Are Sleeping?

You will spend approximately one-third of your life asleep. While that may sound like quite a  boring statistic, there are some very interesting things that happen while you are snoozing. Here are just a few of the more fascinating facts about what happens when your sleeping. Paralysis During REM sleep your muscles are temporarily but […]

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Establishing a Bedtime Routine

Establishing a bedtime routine Establishing bedtime routines are one of the handiest parenting techniques to use when teaching your young children about the importance of bedtime. A routine or set pattern of doing things before bed means that the child will have a time of settling their mind and body into falling asleep easily. Bedtime […]

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best pillows for sleep apnoea

About Sleep Apnea (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

Sleep apnea occurs when the walls of the throat come together during sleep, blocking off the upper airway. Breathing then stops for a period of time (generally between ten seconds or it can be up to one minute) until the brain registers the lack of breathing or a drop in oxygen levels and sends a […]

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Mattress Toppers

Know Your Mattress

It is very difficult thing to choose a bed these days and it has become increasingly harder and harder in the years I have been in practice. The range and diversity of bases, mattresses, types of fillings and any number of combinations, has made it almost impossible to know where to begin. What you have […]

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Custom Pillow Factors

Know Your Pillow

Again, there are some good basic rules when it comes to choosing a pillow. It’s a simple fact that when a pillow is more than 2 to 3 years old, it’s time for a new one. Thanks to a loss of support and skin cell and fluid build up, you can guarantee it’s not the […]

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Pillows for Neck Pain Position 2

What Happens When You Sleep the Right Way

Another common patient question I receive is “ How should I sleep?”  Yet I rarely get asked “I have trouble getting to sleep, so what is the best sleeping position for me?” There are only two ways to sleep that really allow the spinal muscle to relax. When your spinal muscles relax, your body can […]

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Tara With Chiropractic Pillows

What’s the Best pillow with Chiropractic care?

Getting the Best Chiropractic Custom Pillows At Sleep Made to Measure, we’ve spent years developing the best custom latex pillows, to provide you with outstanding support, pain relief, and the best night’s sleep that you can find. We’re so confident in our custom pillows, that we aren’t afraid to say that they’re the best in […]

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