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A History of Mattresses

Since the beginning of time, man, as well as other animals, have found ingenious ways to protect themselves from the cold, hard ground as they slept. A soft, warm mattress is one of the benefits that many people take for granted, but if you look back through history, the soft, supportive, latex mattresses that we […]

When a Mattress Topper Becomes More Than a Mattress Topper

Organic latex mattress toppers help to protect your mattress, and they  also help to protect you, by acting as a barrier between you and any dust mites that may well have set up camp in your mattress. Even the most fastidious home cleaner cannot guarantee a mite-free bedroom. The advantage of having an organic latex […]

The Benefits of Tummy Time for Your Baby

If you’re pregnant or have just had your new baby, you may have heard of “tummy time” by now. Pediatricians everywhere are informing parents about the benefits of allowing your infant to spend time on their stomachs. Not only are you preventing flat spots on your child’s head, but you’re also encouraging your child’s muscular […]

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