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Benefits of Sending A Nap Mat to Daycare with your Child

Naps are an important part of any child’s development. Children expend an amazing amount of energy and a nap allows their body to recharge. When you send your child to daycare, you are probably aware that nap time will be part of the daily routine. Generally, the daycare provider will either supply nap mats, play […]

Establishing a Bedtime Routine to Help With Sleep

Establishing a bedtime routine Establishing bedtime routines are one of the handiest parenting techniques to use when teaching your young children about the importance of bedtime. A routine or set pattern of doing things before bed means that the child will have a time of settling their mind and body into falling asleep easily. Bedtime […]

The Importance of Good Sleep for Babies

Babies require a lot of sleep. In fact, when they’re in the womb, they spend 16-20 hours each day sleeping. Much of that time is spent in REM sleep, and later, newborns spend approximately 50% of their time in REM sleep. Once your baby arrives, making sure he gets enough sleep is important, and an […]

Getting Away from the Toxic Petroleum Based Pillows: Safe Sleep for Young Children

Your home is supposed to be a haven for your child, even when sleeping. Being extremely important in their proper growth and healthy development, young children will spend much time sleeping. If providing a safe environment for your children is important for you, start with safe sleep. Having a safe and nurturing nursery or bedroom […]


Untreated organic materials were the main components of mattresses and pillows four to five decades ago. With advanced technology, today’s mattresses and pillows are manufactured using petroleum based compounds, plastics, flame retardants, and foams. These are unstable substances, which are believed to ensure a safe, comfortable sleep. Unfortunately, these compounds evaporate continuously, making the sleeper […]

Organic Latex Playmat

Protecting Your Infant from Allergens With an Organic Latex Play Mat

Tummy time is one of the most important parts of your infant’s development. This is when your baby learns to hold their head up, push with their arms and legs, and gets the idea to travel.But the biggest issue that many parents have with tummy time is that it places the baby closest to the […]

Organic Latex Playmat

The Importance of Tummy Time-Pt 1

Tummy time seems to be a favourite buzz word amongst all small people practioners!! What is Tummy time?? Tummy time is defined as the active time a baby spends on their tummy whilst awake, so unfortunately sleeping doesn’t count! Tummy time can be on the floor, chest to chest with someone special, across a big […]

Organic Latex Baby Mattresses

Off gassing is one of the biggest reasons that most parents seek out a more natural solution to their children’s bedding. More than ever, parents are reading about the side effects caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals used in foam mattresses. Stunningly, there are many toxic ingredients used in the process of making foam […]

Organic Latex Cot Mattress

Why you should only use Organic Latex Cot Mattresses

The newly developing systems of a baby are fragile. As a parent, you know that using natural products for your child is much healthier. You wouldn’t let your child play on a floor that was cleaned with harsh chemicals or dress them in clothes that were washed in harsh detergents. Not using harsh detergents or […]

No Pillow

What Happens When You Sleep the Wrong Way

Problems that Arise from Sleeping the Wrong Way Throughout the years, I have witnessed a variety of problems that were caused by nothing more than patients who continually slept in the wrong position. The underlying cause of sleeping in the wrong position was generally found to be a pillow that didn’t meet their particular needs […]

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