Brachial Neuralgia

Brachial neuralgia occurs when the brachial nerves that run from the spinal cord at the base of the neck to the arms become inflamed. These nerves help control the muscles of the shoulder to the wrist and hand. These brachial nerves come from between the vertebrae in the lower part of your neck. When they become inflamed, the person can lose control of their limbs and suffer temporary or permanent disability in the arm. The condition may be inherited or caused by your immune system attacking your nerves. A person with this condition has stabbing pain and weakness of the arm, leaving it difficult or unable to pick up objects or use the shoulder or elbow properly.  The first indicators are unexplained muscle pain that can worsen with movement and require very strong painkillers to reduce the pain. More severe stages can happen with a decrease of muscle mass and often shortness of breath due to the diaphragm being affected. Severe cases of the condition may require surgery to alleviate the pain.Sleeping and resting positions can make a difference in brachial pain. Organic latex pillows made especially for people with this problem can help to ease the pain while lying down. The reason for this is they are designed to help a person’s body and neck to align correctly while resting. This, in turn, can ease pressure and strain on the brachial nerves, resulting in less pain. The addition of specified physical exercises to strengthen the muscle groups and allow for better blood flow to the area and more movement of the nerve within the muscle also can make a difference. Brachial neuritis is painful but in most cases, it can be treated easily and the movement regained or improved in the shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand when the custom organic latex pillow is used.

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