Custom Pillow Factors

Know Your Pillow

Again, there are some good basic rules when it comes to choosing a pillow. It’s a simple fact that when a pillow is more than 2 to 3 years old, it’s time for a new one. Thanks to a loss of support and skin cell and fluid build up, you can guarantee it’s not the […]

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Pillows for Neck Pain Position 2

What Happens When You Sleep the Right Way

Another common patient question I receive is “ How should I sleep?”  Yet I rarely get asked “I have trouble getting to sleep, so what is the best sleeping position for me?” There are only two ways to sleep that really allow the spinal muscle to relax. When your spinal muscles relax, your body can […]

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No Pillow

What Happens When You Sleep the Wrong Way

Problems that Arise from Sleeping the Wrong Way Throughout the years, I have witnessed a variety of problems that were caused by nothing more than patients who continually slept in the wrong position. The underlying cause of sleeping in the wrong position was generally found to be a pillow that didn’t meet their particular needs […]

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Tara With Chiropractic Pillows

What’s the Best pillow with Chiropractic care?

Getting the Best Chiropractic Custom Pillows At Sleep Made to Measure, we’ve spent years developing the best custom latex pillows, to provide you with outstanding support, pain relief, and the best night’s sleep that you can find. We’re so confident in our custom pillows, that we aren’t afraid to say that they’re the best in […]

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Testing the Best Pillows for Neck Pain

What’s the Best pillow for neck pain?

In the development of Pillows Made to Measure I spend a number of years manufacturing the pillows out of foam and memory foam combinations trying to find combination that best offered a patient comfort and support. Pillow Made to Measure is able to offer you something unique and highly rated by patients. These particular pillows […]

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Unhealthy Pillow for Kids

How can I help my kids stay healthy?

One of the huge pleasures and advantages of my practice is that on a weekly base I get to talk to about 100 people per week and they cover every type of person covering every job and every type of lifestyle you could imagine. That’s what makes it great job! Every week! One of the commonest […]

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Pillows for Kids

Simple tip for teaching your kids to sleep well

In talking to a huge range of parents about their kids sleeping habits over the last few years, it occurred to me that one of the simplest answers we have has been with us for years we just never saw it. Yep the simple teddy bear can play a huge role in developing sound sleeping […]

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Organic Latex Pillows for Kids with Asthma

Asthma and Kids – Organic Latex Can Help

One of the things that amazes me about being in practice is the trust patients put in you not only for their own health but their children and grandchildren. Yep scary but true I am now treating my third generation of patients. Classical case, early this year a grandfather came in who I have treated […]

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Stress and Neck Pain

Sleep and Stress

One of the things we all talk about these days and patients talk about every day is stress! Everybody seems to be talking about stress and how stressed we are or it was due to stress! Our body is a truly amazing thing. We have what is called “the fight or flight System” this is […]

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Neck Pain (Duck Neck)

Duck Neck – A Real Pain in the neck

About two to three times a week in clinic and I am sure every other muscular skeletal practitioner is the same. I would see what I call “Duck Neck” (technically its call Torticollis, which is when one group of muscle usually the SCM or Levator Scapula on one side of your neck spasms creating sever […]

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Tara with Neck Pain

Neck Pain

In all my years in practice, one of the commonest issues that patients present with is neck pain or a pain in the neck. When patients talk about neck pain and the possible causes I found that the types of treatments I can offer are so wide and varied that I often use the analogy […]

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sleep made to measure - organic latex

Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Watch what you buy.

60% of the average person’s carbon footprint is made up of the environmental impact created by the products they buy. This may seem hard to reduce, and in many cases it is; however, it’s possible to lower your negative impact on Mother Nature. This can be done by purchasing, and thus supporting, carbon neutral products […]

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