Untreated organic materials were the main components of mattresses and pillows four to five decades ago. With advanced technology, today’s mattresses and pillows are manufactured using petroleum-based compounds, plastics, flame retardants, and foams. These are unstable substances, which are believed to ensure a safe, comfortable sleep. Unfortunately, these compounds evaporate continuously, making the sleeper inhale […]

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The Benefits of Tummy Time for Your Baby

If you’re pregnant or have just had your new baby, you may have heard of “tummy time” by now. Pediatricians everywhere are informing parents about the benefits of allowing your infant to spend time on their stomachs. Not only are you preventing flat spots on your child’s head, but you’re also encouraging your child’s muscular […]

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The Toxic Truth of Memory Foam

Many families swear by their memory foam mattresses, and it’s hard to deny that the material can offer impressive support, longevity, and comfort. However, what you’re probably not hearing from fans, manufacturers, and salespeople, is how there are some serious downsides to using memory foam. These aren’t just trivial concerns but are valid points that […]

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Organic Latex Playmat

The Importance of Tummy Time-Pt 1

Tummy time seems to be a favorite buzz word amongst all child practitioners!! What is Tummy time?? Tummy time is defined as the active time a baby spends on their tummy whilst awake, so unfortunately sleeping doesn’t count! Tummy time can be on the floor, chest to chest with someone special, across a big person’s […]

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Can the Right Pillow Prevent Neck Pain?

You’re going to spend about a third of your life in your bed. That means that the kind of bedding, specifically the kind of pillow that you use is going to make a very big difference in how you feel when you wake up. Selecting a pillow is important because it is an important part […]

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Organic Latex Baby Mattresses

Off gassing is one of the biggest reasons that most parents seek out a more natural solution to their children’s bedding. More than ever, parents are reading about the side effects caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals used in foam mattresses. Stunningly, there are many toxic ingredients used in the process of making foam […]

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Organic Latex Cot Mattress

Why you should only use Organic Latex Cot Mattresses

The newly developing systems of a baby are fragile. As a parent, you know that using natural products for your child is much healthier. You wouldn’t let your child play on a floor that was cleaned with harsh chemicals or dress them in clothes that were washed in harsh detergents. Not using harsh detergents or […]

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Memory Foam

Memory Foam Myths and Facts

When it comes to the topic of memory foam, most of us have heard both good and bad things. While some of the things we hear are facts, some are myths. Although organic latex bedding is by far a healthier choice than this material, that doesn’t mean that all the bad things we hear are […]

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best pillows for sleep apnoea

About Sleep Apnea (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

Sleep apnea occurs when the walls of the throat come together during sleep, blocking off the upper airway. Breathing then stops for a period of time (generally between ten seconds or it can be up to one minute) until the brain registers the lack of breathing or a drop in oxygen levels and sends a […]

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Mattress Toppers

Know Your Mattress

It is very difficult thing to choose a bed these days and it has become increasingly harder and harder in the years I have been in practice. The range and diversity of bases, mattresses, types of fillings and any number of combinations, has made it almost impossible to know where to begin. What you have […]

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