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A History of Mattresses

Since the beginning of time, man, as well as other animals, have found ingenious ways to protect themselves from the cold, hard ground as they slept. A soft, warm mattress is one of the benefits that many people take for granted, but if you look back through history, the soft, supportive, latex mattresses that we […]

The Truth about Latex Allergies

Natural latex mattresses have been gaining popularity as an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to their synthetic counterparts. While there is no doubt that latex mattresses offer superior comfort and durability, those who suffer from latex allergies may believe that even organic latex bedding products are out of the question. That is not necessarily true. In fact, […]

Benefits of Sending A Nap Mat to Daycare with your Child

Naps are an important part of any child’s development. Children expend an amazing amount of energy and a nap allows their body to recharge. When you send your child to daycare, you are probably aware that nap time will be part of the daily routine. Generally, the daycare provider will either supply nap mats, play […]

All Natural Energy Booster for Teens

Are you a teenager trudging through your day feeling constantly tired? Before you grab an energy drink or caffeine laden soft drink to perform better, you might want to think about getting some much needed sleep! When you want an all natural energy supplement look no further than your comfy bed. Sleep has no chemicals, […]

Forming Good Sleeping Habits

Sleep is vital for our health. It is a process that restores both body and mind. Sleep enables us to function optimally so that we  get through each day. When adults do not get enough sleep, they get irritable and inefficient. What happens if children do not get the amount of sleep that they need? […]

Is Your Snoring Something to Worry About?

Does someone you love keep you up at night sawing logs? Perhaps you are the “wood chuck” in your household, in either case snoring is most often a harsh and loud sound people make when they sleep due vibrations at the back of your throat. Snoring happens during all stages of sleep and the noise […]

Tips for Selecting a Good Mattress

Tips for Choosing the Best Mattress When you spend nearly 42 hours per week in the same location, it is safe to say you should choose that location very carefully! You will spend approximately on third of your life in your bedroom sleeping on a mattress, which means selecting a mattress is a serious matter. […]

Get to Sleep Faster and Enjoy it More

Are you enjoying healthy sleep or struggling with sleeplessness every night? What you do during the day, particularly in the hours right before bed can have an impact on your sleep quality. Quality of sleep can be significantly impacted by several things, not the least of which are medications, your daily schedule, your pillow, your […]

Kan riktig pute hindre nakkesmerter?

Du kommer til å tilbringe omtrent en tredjedel av livet ditt i sengen. Det betyr at typen seng og ikke minst typen pute du bruker kommer til å ha veldig stor innvirkning på hvordan du føler deg når du våkner. Valget av pute er viktig fordi det er en essensiell bidragsyter til å forhindre nakkesmerter. Mange plages av nakkesmerter primært på grunn av […]

Disc lesion of the Cervical Spine

Problems in the cervical vertebrae can be caused by the material in between the vertebrae sliding out of place and causing pressure on the root nerve endings, which often radiates down the arm causing numbness and pain all the way to the fingers. It is most common in the C4 to C7 levels, which is […]

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