About Us

After spending years trying to find the perfect pillow for his patients, Dr. Andrew Macfarlane DC, DO, realized that it is not so much about the pillow. What is more important is how the pillow is selected and whether or not it matches all four critical factors that you should look for in a pillow. Upon realizing this he developed the world’s first Neck Compression Index, this is a unique method for measuring the amount of compression your neck experiences while using a pillow.

This led Dr. Macfarlane to realize that there were really no effective “off the shelf” pillows on the market. After purchasing almost every type of pillow out there in an effort to find the perfect one, he found that almost all of the pillows available to his patients were substandard. These pillows were made from petrochemical based foams, sprayed with chemicals to prolong the life of the pillow and a true menace to people with allergies. On top of all of that these pillows offered little to no support for your neck and shoulders. This led Dr. Macfarlane to begin working on a new kind of pillow. One that was not only extremely effective for his patients but also environmentally friendly (both of which are extremely important to him).

Girl on Neck Support Pillow

After developing his new method for understanding what each individual person needs in a pillow, he spent a decade working with Dunlop and Joyce Foams to come up with the perfect pillow.  Through it all Andrew’s goal was to develop a line of products that coupled high quality construction and comfort, with a focus on extremely high environmental credentials. Andrew then traveled the world visiting factories that specialized in a wide range of foam manufacturing, the stops along the way included Belgium, Malaysia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

Finally he selected a 100% Certified Organic Latex, this is naturally more comfortable than some of the other options, not to mention the fact that it is very environmentally sound. This one of a kind composition has allowed Sleep Made-To-Measure™ to secure patents for their product line internationally.