5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Just Before You Go to Bed to Ensure a Restful Sleep

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Just Before You Go to Bed  If you’re not sleeping well, everything suffers – your energy levels, your mood, and your health. While many things affect the way you sleep at night, if you’re suffering from sleep issues, it might be something you’re doing before bed. Many people make mistakes unintentionally when preparing for bed that sabotages their sleep. Ready to start enjoying a more restful night of sleep? Here are five things you shouldn’t be doing right before you go to bed.  Use Your Favorite DevicesUsing electronic devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and e-readers can end up disrupting your sleep. The blue light given off by electronics can suppress the production of melatonin, which helps your body become sleepy. If you must use your devices, turn down screen brightness and keep devices a minimum of 14 inches away from your face to prevent sleep issues.  Eat ChocolateChocolate seems like a great indulgence before bed, but it’s a sneaky source of caffeine, which can keep you awake at night. Dark chocolate is especially high in caffeine, so make sure you indulge well before bedtime.  Check Work EmailsKeeping up with work is important, but don’t wait until bedtime to check your work emails. Not only does the blue light of your device mess with melatonin production, checking work emails late at night can make you agitate and nervous, making it difficult for you to sleep. Studies have shown that using your smartphone for work after 9 pm can result in you being more unfocused and tired the next day.  Drink AlcoholMany people think that a drink of alcohol will help them sleep better. Alcohol does make you feel drowsy, and it can make you fall asleep quickly. However, as alcohol is metabolized by the body, your REM sleep is disturbed, so you may wake up feeling tired. You may also find that alcohol keeps you up going to the bathroom throughout the night since it’s a diuretic as well. It may be okay to have a drink at dinner but skip the alcohol within the last couple hours before bedtime.  Chug WaterSure, it’s important to stay hydrated, but it’s not the best idea to start chugging water at bedtime. Start chugging water before you head to bed and you’ll spend half the night heading to the bathroom. It’s a better idea to drink water throughout your day and then taper off the water before you go to bed.

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