Getting a good night’s sleep has always been tricky, especially in the summer. But, what if you could get a pillow that is made for you and ensure 100% satisfaction? Now, it’s possible with the new range of custom pillows from Luxury Pillow Solutions.

The brand offers custom made pillows tailored to your individual needs. The unique design and innovative construction allow users to have a pillow perfectly suited to their exact shape and sleeping position. Even better – they provide a money-back guarantee if customers are not completely satisfied with their purchase.

At first glance, ordering a custom made pillow may seem like an expensive luxury, but Luxury Pillow Solutions managed to make it affordable by providing various specifications and options for different price points. For instance, visitors can take advantage of a range of fabrics such as all-natural latex foam, memory foam, wool batting/mix filling or hypoallergenic microfiber depending upon their budget.

To help customers get their perfect pillow right off the bat, Luxury Pillow Solutions provides a precise fitting guide which includes the measurements of your neck and shoulders as well as sleeping preference – such as stomach sleeper or side sleeper – so they can tailor their pillow accordingly. In addition to measuring correctly, customers need to fill out an extensive questionnaire that covers things like sleep position preferences, temperature preferences (warm or cool), humidity sensitivities and so on. This allows them to narrow down exactly what kind of pillow they need and also helps Luxury Pillow Solutions understand each customer’s personal requirements.

If for whatever reason the customer doesn’t find the pillow comfortable, he or she can return it within 30 days for a full refund – no questions asked! This has made many people more willing to try out this service since there is a built-in risk protection if something turns out wrong in spite of all these precautions that were taken during fitting. In other words, consumers don’t simply have to take somebody else’s word for it: they get to try out their own personalized pillow before making any decision about whether or not to keep it.

Customers letting others know about the product yield very positive outcomes: “I recently received my order from Luxury Pillow Solutions… [It] was worth every penny! I was able to customize my pillow exactly how I wanted it. It is firm enough yet soft enough – really amazing! Highly recommend anyone looking for comfort with customization when it comes to pillows!” Peter L., California

In conclusion, thanks to Luxury PIllow Solutions its now possible to get 100% guaranteed satisfaction when purchasing a custom made pillow – by taking advantage of both detailed measuring options provided by the company as well as its money back guarantee in case things don’t work out as expected. If you’re looking for an ideal sleep solution tailored just for you then definitely check out this product offering from Luxury Pillow Solutions – you won’t be disappointed!